Deluxe Barbeque Kit

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Deluxe Barbeque Kit

Item condition: New

Auction Expired because there were no bids


Deluxe Barbeque Kit from GM Financial

You are bidding to be the highest online bidder. If you win this auction then your bid will be the starting bid on the day of the show, which is June 18th. Attendees at the show will have the opportunity to outbid you on the day of the show. If anyone outbids you on the day of the show then you will not win the item. It is best to bid higher in order to dissuade any of the show attendees from challenging your high bid so that you can win the item.

You will be notified the following week after the show if you won or lost the item.

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Auction has expired

Auction Expired because there were no bids
Auction started June 1, 2022 3:20 pm


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