Thank You To All Who Made The 2015 Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Auto Show A Success

The 2015 Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Auto Show was the 7th iteration of the annual event.  The car show was started by a group of car lovers at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet who wanted to offer fans and customers a day to show off their prized possessions and win awards for them.  The car and truck show was also a way to raise proceeds for The Dale Earnhardt Foundation as well as local charitable organizations.

We had 247 registered vehicles for the show.


Car enthusiasts will come from hundreds of miles away for a chance to win one of our coveted Dale Earnhardt Auto Show Trophies.  Our trophies are Dale Earnhardt statues which are hand painted, in-house, with a different finish each year.  We also offer custom machined trophies by our guys down at our old race shop, Earnhardt Technologies Group.  These machined trophies are awarded to best car, best truck and best of show (Earnhardt’s Choice Award).

We awarded 100 chrome painted Dale Earnhardt statue trophies to the top 100 vote getters as chosen by our show participants.  We also awarded three special trophies, the Best Car, Best Truck and Earnhardt’s Choice Award.

Top 100 Award

Best Truck Award

Best Car Award

Earnhardt’s Choice Award

Top 100 Award

We awarded 100 Dale Earnhardt statue trophies to the top 100 vote getters as chosen by our show participants.  This trophies are chrome painted by our guys at our body shop here at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet.

Best Truck Award

Our Best Truck Winner was the top vote getting truck as chosen by our show participants.  This trophy is machined by our guys down at Earnhardt Technologies.  Our Best Truck of 2015 was Dale Hinson of Midland, NC.


 Best Car Award

Our Best Car Winner was the top vote getting car as chosen by our show participants.  This trophy is machined by our guys down at Earnhardt Technologies.  Our Best Car of 2015 was Brandon Garrison of Cleveland, NC.


 Earnhardt’s Choice Award

Our beautiful Earnhardt’s Choice Trophy is awarded to the best of show vehicle.  The trophy is meticulously machined by our guys at Earnhardt Technologies.  The winner of this award was selected by members of our staff.  On top of receiving the award, the winning vehicle is also prominently displayed in the logo of our following year’s show.  Our 2015 winner is Chip Caldwell of Lincolnton, NC.


Every year we hold a charitable auction with donated items from Dale Earnhardt Incorporated, local NASCAR race teams, businesses and individuals.  Our auction features rare and valuable items.  These items usually go for unbelievably low prices.

We also have local vendors showcasing great products and services.  We also have food and refreshments on site at very affordable prices.  All proceeds raised from our food sales and auction is donated to The Dale Earnhardt Foundation.

Event Location

The Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Auto Show is held every year at our dealership located in Newton, NC.


Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet
1774 NC Hwy 16 S
Newton, NC 28658


Registration can be done the day of the show but if you want to save some time go ahead and pre-register your vehicle.  Pre-registering your vehicle also guarantees you one of our Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Auto Show Dash Plaques.

Registration is $20 and is open to domestic vehicles only.  All proceeds from the registration fees are donated to The Dale Earnhardt Foundation to help further their goal of enriching the lives of children, promoting education and helping wildlife.

Vendors & Sponsors

Be A Vendor – $100

Set up and display your product or service at the Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Auto Show.  You have the potential to reach hundreds of die-hard gearheads and automotive enthusiasts.  Better yet, the proceeds from your vendor fee are donated to The Dale Earnhardt Foundation to do good in the world.  Just use the form to contact us for more information.

Be A Sponsor – $100

Do you want to be involved but cannot make it to the show?  Just be a sponsor and get a space on the back of our official Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet Auto Show T-Shirt!  With your sponsorship you will receive your logo on the back of our event shirt which is sold on the day of the event and in our store afterwards as well as on our online store.  It is a great way to get your business noticed by people all over the country and the proceeds from your sponsorship are donated to The Dale Earnhardt Foundation.

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Rules & Regulations


Rules.  Nobody likes them, especially us, but we need to make sure everyone has a great time at our show.

  1. Domestic Vehicles Only – No German, Japanese, British or any other auto maker.  It doesn’t matter where it was made, what matters is if it is an American company or not.
  2. No Alcohol – This is a daytime show that is family friendly.  If you need a strong drink, just hold off until you get home after the show.
  3. Registration Ends at 11am – If you are not here and registered at our tent at 11am then your car is not eligible to win any awards.  This also pertains to pre-registrations, you must be here before 11am.
  4. No Trailers on Lot – We know you like to trailer your car and we understand it.  We have ample parking for trailers off-site so you can unload with plenty of room and just drive your car a short distance to our show.  We provide an all day shuttle service if you need to get back to your truck and trailer for any reason.
  5. No Pushing – You must be able to drive your vehicle in order for it to be in the show.  Please no push-ins.
  6. No Saved Spots – Vehicles are parked in the order they come.  We do not save spots nor do we allow the saving of spots.  If you have a club or friends you want to park beside, then coordinate a meeting place and come in together.
  7. There Are No Bad Spots – Those who show up to the show later may find themselves parked on the outskirts of our dealership lot.  This doesn’t mean you will not be noticed, on the contrary, the vehicles on the outskirts stand out to everyone more since they are not as surrounded by other cars.
  8. No Hard Feelings – We wish everyone could win, but it just isn’t possible.  Just because you don’t win this year doesn’t mean you wont win next year.
  9. Coolers Are Okay – We have very tasty and reasonably priced food on site.  But if you want to bring your own that is fine, just remember to leave the alcohol behind.
  10. Pop Up Tents Are Okay – We make every effort to accommodate everyone with a pop up tent.  Depending on where you are parked, you may not be able to set your tent up next to your vehicle, but we will place you withing sight of it.
  11. Dash Plaques Are Limited – They are given on a first come first served basis.  The only sure-fire way to get one is to pre-register.


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